Seminar paper
Entry Year101
Paper type口頭報告
Paper title (chapter)Understanding children in need of additional education interventions in Taiwanese non-government child welfare services: From NGO's perspectives.
Name of conference42nd annual conference of the philosophy of education society of Australasia 2012 PESA conference
Conference starting time2012-12-07
Conference closing time2012-12-10
AuthorsHsu, C.-C.
sponsorPhilosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA)
Language usedEnglish
2015年9月就業服務乙級技術士研習 (16).jpg教師專業成長活董_產學一體的實習教學社群計畫1050308 (5).JPG105.03.15華東師範大學附屬初中  吳之多二級心理諮詢師 (5).JPGDecorative image1050608seminar (12).jpgDecorative image107學年度DSC_0019.jpgDecorative image
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