Take a train to Taichung Train Station

  1.  (in Taichung) walk to First Plaza ( 第一廣場 ), take Bus 83 or Bus 88, stop over on Chung-Cheng road and then walk down on Wucyuan road or Fulong street for about 10 min
  2.  (in Taichung) walk to the front of First Plaza ( 第一廣場 ), take Bus 5, stop over on the intersection of Minsheng road
  3.  (in Taichung ) take a taxi to NTCU for about 10 min
  4.  (in Taichung ) walk to NTCU for about 30 min     


Take a freeway bus

  1. (take a freeway bus passing through NTCU) stop at the side-gate on Mincyuan road without reaching Taichung Train Station
  2. (take a freeway bus without passing through NTCU) take other transportations at Taichung Train Station, Chao-Ma or Jhong-Gang Transfer Post

Drive through Zhongshan Freeway or Chungtou Highway

  1. drive through the exit to Taichung on Zhongshan Freeway and go directly on Jhong Gang road (or Harbor road); turn right on Mincyuan or Wucyuan road for about 5 min
  2. take Chungtou Highway toward north until Taichung exit and go directly to Wucyuan South road (later as Wucyuan road)


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