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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20182018,455,pp214-223 (SCI)
    20182018,532,pp375-386 (SCI)
    20182018,23,7,pp1631- (SCI)
    20182018, (SCI)
    20182018,455,pp214-223 (SCI)
    20182018,206,pp226-238 (SCI)
    20182018,15,10,pp3133-3142 (SCI)
    20182018,526,pp322-336 (SCI)
    2018Kuo, Y.-R., *Tuan, H.-L., & Chin, C.-C. ,2018,The influence of inquiry-based teaching on male and female students' motivation and engagement,Research in Science Education., (SSCI)
    20182018,26,1,pp51-70 (TSSCI)
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