Conference paper
Entry Year93
Paper type口頭報告
Paper level其他
Paper title (chapter)Implementing MINRES and SYMMLQ for eigenvalue problems
Name of conferenceInternational Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM 2004)
Conference starting time2004-12-15
Conference closing time2004-12-17
Name of author (Chinese)Bor-Wen Jeng
Name of author (English)Bor-Wen Jeng
AuthorsC.-S. Chien, B.-W. Jeng
Number of authors2
Language usedEnglish
NoteC.-S. Chien and B.-W. Jeng (2004), Implementing MINRES and SYMMLQ for eigenvalue problems, in: G. R. Liu, V. B. C. Tan, and X. Han (Eds.), Computational Methods (Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computational Methods), Vol. 2, Springer, Netherlands, 2006, pp. 1957-1961.
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