Departmental staff

Job titleNameResponsibilities
SecurtaryKuo, Ting-Wan1.”Refined teacher training program (sub-plan 1-6 )”
2.Responsible for convening and recording College affairs council, college faculty evaluation council, college course planning council
3. To convene and record other councils hold by Dean.
4. To convene and record Dean elect committee.
5. Responsible for college funds.
6. Responsible for college equipments.
7. To control the budget for college
8. Responsible for handling college documents.
9. To update and manage college website.
10. To hold activities for college.
11. Responsible for part time student.
12. Other related affairs
Counseling InstructorLi, Jian-ShiunAs a drillmaster for College of Science, department of Science Application and Dissemination, and also department of Mathematic Education.
Counselors of DepartmentTzeng, Tsan-YiGuide and assist department of Computer and Information Science, Digital Content and Technology.
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